Bad things happen to good people.​

Look Insurance in Kalamazoo specializes in high risk auto insurance. We are able to provide the most affordable no fault automobile insurance option for high risk drivers. Give us a try. We don't want you to get caught ridin' dirty! 

It is important to remember that being uninsured holds a lot more risk than just a simple ticket, fine, or driver responsibility fees. Being uninsured opens you to the risk of losing everything. No fault laws do NOT apply to uninsured drivers in the state of Michigan. In this day and age when everyone is "sue happy", it is best to cover your ASSets! 

  Low Cost High Risk Auto Insurance​  

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Satisfied customers

"I've been on the phone all day, and no one would insure me. Look said no problem!"

~Dowagiac Customer

"All the other insurance companies wanted $800 to get my policy started. Look wanted just a few hundred."

~Watervliet Customer 

"I have a restricted license, and a lot of insurance companies were laughing at me when I was calling for quotes. Look was able to help."

~Portage Customer 

"While calling around, I was told I had to pay in full. Look Insurance was able to offer me monthly payments."

~Hartford Customer

Cheap High Risk Auto Insurance

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